A checklist for planning a successful family reunion

Planning a successful event takes time and effort. A family reunion is not different. No matter is if your family is small (5-10) or large (30+), you’ll still need to plan for the event. Here are some things you need to remember as you plan for the event.

Set a budget

The average cost for a family reunion is $25-$50 per person per day. This is for the barebones of food and lodging.¬†Setting a budget can be tricky because you’re asking your family to pay for their stay, food, and entertainment. It’s sometimes good to raise money for the event so the price isn’t too high for each family member.

Recruit a planning commitee

All planning cannot be done by one person. Seek out help from other members of the family to help plan the weekend (or week). If there are too many moving parts, consider hiring an event manager to assist in the planning.

Gather contact info

For all that are invited, compile a list of names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses of all the people attending. Consider using an email or text service to keep everyone in the loop about plans. It’s also handy to have a way to blast communication out to everyone while at the event as well.

Send invites and RSVPs

In accordance with email and text communication, send out an invite in the mail. Your family will mark the day on the calendar and plan accordingly. Also, ask for an RSVP so you know how many to plan for.

Plan venue

Finding a place for the venue is probably the most important aspect of the event (besides food). You’ll need a place for group activities and space for free time. The Maine of Williamsburg offers all the amenities you’ll need for a great family reunion.

The venue has space for 280 people in its main hall, a patio, a fireplace, and a kitchen. An audio system is available for us for large gatherings. A large parking lot can hold everyone’s cars when they arrive.

Plan food

Food is the most important thing on the list of to-dos besides a venue. Everyone needs to eat during this week or weekend. Maybe everyone has a designated meal they bring or caterers are hired for the event. Whatever you choose, ensure that everyone is fed well.

Plan events

It wouldn’t be a fun family reunion without a few events and games. Maybe have a talent show, private band, or drama.

Minute to Win It games is fun for everyone. Here are 100 to check out:

Know where they'll sleep

Whether it be a weekend or a week, your family members will need a place to sleep. If the venue offers lodging, then great! Maybe, however, you’ll need a hotel for a few night’s stay. To save a little money, bunk up with another family member.

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Have a great time

All in all, have a great time at your family reunion! The more the marrier. If all planning is done well, then you’re bound to have a really fun time as a family.

The Maine of Williamsburg

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