One-day corporate retreat ideas for your business team

Having corporate retreats is good for team morale. You may not be able to afford or allow time for a week-long, or weekend corporate retreat. But maybe you’re able to provide a day getaway for your employees. Here are a few one-day retreat ideas for a team-building retreat.

Go hiking

When it comes to group activities, hiking may be the one that takes the least preparation. Tell your employees what you plan on doing and offer tips on what to bring. It’s up to them to bring adequate hiking shoes and proper gear.

TIP: Bring water for your team.

Go paddling

Lakes and rivers make awesome places for canoeing (or floating). Rent or bring a few canoes, kayaks, or tubes to a local watering hole for some awesome water fun. Go for a swim if it gets hot, too!

TIP: Bring a first-aid kit in case someone gets hurt.

Go biking

Most enjoy leisure bike rides in the city or country. Rent bikes and lead the team on a ride around the urban city or relaxing backcountry.

TIP: Bring a few simple tools and a small tire pump.

Do art

Take everyone to an art studio for painting. Not everyone is geared for artistry, but that’s what makes it fun. You never know what kind of art people will make!

TIP: Add wine for a fun art experience (if your company allows it).

Team sports

Tournaments really bring out the competitive side to the team. Volleyball, cornhole, or bocce ball are options for team games. Assign a referee and rules for fair play.

TIP: Be considerate of those who may have physical disabilities and plan accordingly.

team volleyball

Group games

If you’re a business with a slower vibe, then consider group or board games. Fishbowl, charades, or dizzy bat are games to offer the team.

TIP: Keep games short, light, and appropriate to keep everyone engaged.


Offer to bring in someone to facilitate meditation for the team. Included in this could be aromatherapy, massages, and yoga. This could be a day for self-reflecting and adjustments.

TIP: Give your team something to take home, like essential oils or a gift card.


Who doesn’t like to eat something tasty? Take your team out for a fancy lunch or dinner. Reward them for a job-well-done and celebrate a recent win.

TIP: This is great if you cannot spare the time for an all-day event.

Minute to Win It

A truly hilarious game for all who play and watch, Minute to Win It games are easy to facilitate and execute. Ask for volunteers to play these mini-games at your retreat.

TIP: Games that are slightly embarrassing tend to be funnier, but use your judgment in selecting appropriate games.

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