How to take care of your wedding guests

Taking care of your wedding guests is easier than you think, as long as you know what they care about. Here are the top things they’re thinking and how to make it a memorable day for them, too.


This entire post can be summed up in this first recommendation: tell your guests what to expect. If it’s an outdoor wedding, they need to know this to plan accordingly. If it’s an all-day wedding, they’ll need to know this too. Keeping them informed before the big day is the best way to have happy guests.

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You don’t need to serve guests the highest price dish money can buy, but if the reception is during a time when a meal is served, then it’s wise to offer food. Most guests may have to rush to get to the ceremony on time, and when they do, they may not have time to eat a filling meal.

A cocktail hour with heavy hor devours may do the trick, but for the most satisfaction from your guests, offer a meal.


Again, you’re not required to serve the most expensive drinks, but some type of drink is necessary. Sparkling beverages, wine, beer, and cocktails are ones to consider. Drinks are required when it’s warm or if the ceremony is outside

Elevate your wedding by making a custom cocktail that’s similar to your personality. It will make your wedding very memorable!

wedding seating

Seating chart

It may be surprising to you, but most guests prefer to have a seating chart when they enter the reception. It’s hard to choose where to sit sometimes. Make it easy on your guests and do the upfront work of selecting where they should sit.


Guests enjoy short ceremonies. They prefer not to sit through a long message from the minister or sing too many songs.

It’s your wedding, however, so do what you like for the ceremony. This is a day you will remember for a long time, so do it the way you want it to be.

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Most guests want some type of music for entertainment and dancing. They’ll remember the way you made them feel, more than the decore, speeches, and the ceremony. Add a few fun things like a picture booth, wagon rides, or games to make the wedding more entertaining and unique.


Parking can either be costly or far away from the ceremony — or both. If it’s going to be far, offer a ride to the ceremony. If it’s going to cost to park, offer payment or validation of parking tickets. It’s a hard walk when dressed in fancy attire if it’s hot outside.

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