Unique Company Retreat Ideas

Effective teams that respond the best to business challenges are built by leveraging opportunities to increase better understanding and communication. One way that corporate groups do this is to utilize corporate retreats and corporate incentives for teams that meet goals and challenges. If you are planning for your company’s next corporate retreat, we have compiled some cool unique corporate retreat ideas that you can take advantage of when you plan to use our premier venue, The Maine of Williamsburg.

Enjoy the city of Williamsburg VA Together

Colonial Williamsburg is a fascinating place to explore. When you hold your event at The Maine of Williamsburg you can plan to enjoy various sights around the city. Our city is steeped in history and you can plan to tour the historic area, Governor’s Palace, and the Jamestown Settlement. The campus of the College of William & Mary is also a fun place to explore. If you are planning your corporate retreat at The Maine of Williamsburg everyone at your company will enjoy staying in the city together. Our event venue is close to all the area’s best hotels and accommodations.

Ice Breaker Games

Company retreats are always made better with ice breaker games. If your company is larger than 30 employees’ chances are that not everyone really knows each other. They will get more of a benefit from the retreat if you incorporate a few ice breaker games where each player has to offer up something personal about themselves. This helps everyone to engage on the same level and provide chances for people to get to know each other that might not work alongside each other.

Share a Meal…and Drinks, too

Company retreats that involve food and drinks are always a hit. When you host your company retreat event at The Maine of Williamsburg you’ll have access to our indoor seating area that seats up to 280 people. We have several spaces in our facility for large and small groups. The Grand Hall seats up to 180. The Sun Room seats up to 80. There are also outdoor verandas and a covered patio that are perfect for Al fresco events. Your caterers will have access to the well-appointed warming kitchen that has everything they will need to ensure that the food and drinks are perfect. View more information on our Amenities and Packages.

Break out the Board Games or Electronics

Facebook famously holds hackathons for its teams, and several other top companies have held game days where colleagues spend the day enjoying board games and other types of fun, popular games with each other. Games are proven to contribute to better communication skills and foster teams working together. We have plenty of space to set up gaming locations throughout.

Don't Forget to Book the Photo Booths

Photo booths are popular for all types of events and company retreats are no different. Fun photo booths that feature funny props such as big, funky glasses, funny hats, fake mustaches, gloves and little signs help teams to create fun memories with each other. The booths provide the group taking the picture with several little picture tokens once the photos are processed.


Singing is great fun and karaoke provides singing and laughing in the same activity. Karaoke is always a with event goers because it provides an opportunity to be in the spotlight, let loose, and have a little fun getting outside of their comfort zone. It also plays well into feelings of nostalgia. Immediately everyone remembers time spent in their youth at parties or in someone’s car belting out their favorite tune.

Spotlight Keynote Speakers

Some companies like to bring in keynote speakers that will offer words of encouragement and wisdom for the future. We offer the perfect venue for these speakers to speak at and your company employees to comfortably enjoy listening to. We have all the full-scale audio and visual equipment needed to ensure that these presentations go off without any issues.

Have a Cheer Session

At company retreats it is important to give proper accolades and credit to those that have gone the extra mile to forward the company’s goals and make the workplace a better place. Groups and teams may not work alongside each other all that much and so these special players in the workplace do not go recognized across the company. Having a cheer session where everyone cheers for key individuals from each group or team can help the workplace atmosphere.

Explore the Outdoors & Enjoy Yard Games Outside

The Maine of Williamsburg event venue is situated on picturesque, protected lands that are perfect for nature walks and enjoying the outdoors at your event. Fourteen acres of surrounding forested land have been placed in a conservation easement ensuring that they will remain rural and picturesque for the years to come.

The Maine of Williamsburg

The Maine of Williamsburg can host your wedding or event. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to see how we can assist you in creating the perfect event for you and your guests.