Finding Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Finding the perfect photographer in Williamsburg, Virginia can be a little stressful. There is nothing worse than choosing the wrong photographer for the most important day of your life. You want these pictures to be exactly what you have imagined in your mind. After all, they are going to last you a lifetime. Most couples choose to cut their photography budge initially, it is one of the biggest regrets from those same couples. A quality photographer is going to assist you with preserving your day in which you can relive all of your special moments. When interviewing your Williamsburg photographers, make sure you have your entire day laid out for them: time of wedding, type of portraits, and, of course, your budget.

Here are a few pointers to help you find the perfect Williamsburg wedding photographer

Discuss Time Your Wedding Takes Place

Depending on the time of day your wedding will take place, your photographer will need to have different equipment. A night wedding is a little more difficult to find the perfect light than an early evening or afternoon wedding. If you are planning for a night wedding you want to find a photographer with a strong history of action night shots.  This means they will have experience with flash and off camera flash skills. Finding a photographer with both natural and artificial light is essential to making sure your photos turn out beautifully.

Indoor/Outdoor Williamsburg Wedding

Is your wedding going to take place indoors or outdoors? Either one brings its own set of complications with lighting. How many guests will you have in attendance at your wedding? Depending on how close the quarters are, your photographer may need to be extremely nimble to fit into small spaces. When you are looking for the perfect wedding photographer, make sure to take a peak through their portfolio. This will let you know the types of spaces they are used to working in and how the pictures turn out.  You want the best photos no matter what the circumstances.

Sign a Contract

When you find the perfect photographer, lock them in place by having them sign a contract. Your contract should cover the amount of hours your Williamsburg, VA photographer is expected to work, the parameters of the job and what you collection of photos will include. By signing a contract you can rest assured you and your photographer have knowledge of expectations.  It is one less stress you have to worry about throughout the day. Make sure you cover all your bases and work only with a Williamsburg photographer who is invested in your day. Pro tip: Ask for references and previous experience.

What Comes in Your Wedding Photography Package?

Some photographers you will find in the Williamsburg, Virginia area include everything.  Albums, prints, thumb drive, and some high resolution photos are all included.  Some have a flat or hourly rate (details should be discussed in your contract), and you are charged a la carte for individual photos or albums. Many of our local Williamsburg photographers have a price list to fit your budget. Finally, do not forget to ask when you will receive your materials.  There is a lot going on before and after the wedding so it is best to know when to expect your prints or if you will be able to get a sneak peak. Not only do your wedding day pictures tell the story of your day from beginning to end, but also make great gifts for family member who assisted with your special day.

Figure Out Your Budget

Many women have been planning their wedding day since childhood. They want everything to turn out as perfectly as they were able to imagine it in their heads and have the pictures to match. Unfortunately, having the wedding of your dreams may not always be in your budget. Just remember that after the last glass of champagne is picked up, your dress has been cleaned and found its home in your attic, one of the only tangible things you will have from your wedding are the pictures.  Find room in your budget for the perfect photographer.  You may not understand at the time, but five or ten years down the line it will all make sense. Trust me.

Schedule Your Williamsburg, VA Wedding Photographer Today!

Wedding photographers tend to get booked up quickly.  The Maine of Williamsburg in Virginia is quickly becoming one of the most popular spots in Virginia to get married, and our photographers are sometimes booked over a year in advance. Search the entire area to find the photographer of your dreams.  While you may be chomping at the bit to try on that new pair in the Jimmy Choo Bridal Collection or a new dress from Vera Wang’s line for their one-time-use, think about how often you are going to be looking at your wedding day photos.  Let The Maine at Williamsburg provide you with the perfect venue for a stunning indoor or outdoor wedding.