9 reasons why you should hire an event planner for your next large event

Planning a large event doesn’t have to be daunting. There are ways to make it easier. One of those ways is to hire an event planner. Here are a few reasons why should hire one for your next large event.

1. They do all the heavy lifting for you

Large weddings or corporate events need lots of planning. Activities, ceremonies, food, receptions, games, music, dancing, and other event types all required planning and attention to detail. It can be overwhelming without experience or a detailed eye as to what needs to be accomplished.

Thankfully, event planners have the know-how for creating a spectacular event that everyone will remember. They’re experts at organizing and creating a timeframe, ultimately taking the stress off your shoulders.

2. They watch your budget

When you give them a budget, they work within that amount to bring you the best event possible. Even more so, they negotiate with vendors to get the best price on services, location, and food. They know the best people to work with and may be able to get you a deal, too.

3. They have experience

This isn’t their first event, so they know what to expect. The food is late? No problem, it has happened before. They’ll do everything in their power to make it a great event for you and your guests.

event flair

4. They have checklists

Before any big planning happens, they’ll create checklists of all the things you want out of your event. What colors you want, where people will sit, and any big no-no’s you may have. Most planners find great satisfaction in checking off a list, so the more details you can give about your expectations, the better.

5. They have a timeline

Similar to a checklist, they have a timeline as to when things need to be completed. With experience, comes knowledge of priorities. They have activities that need to be completed by specific dates.

6. They carry the stress

Picture this, it’s a month before the big event and you’re stressed. How will everything be complete on time? There’s so much more to do! You take your woes to your event planner and she/he reassures you that everything is under control. You have nothing to worry about because it will all get done on time.

Shooo! What a relief!

7. They add flair

They can add or incorporate things you didn’t think about as you plan the event. They may add flair to make the day better for you and your guests.

8. They can make the final desicion

When faced between two good things (or two hard things), they can make the final decision for you. That’s why you hired them! The buck can ultimately stop with them. Even further, give them the power to make decisions for you. If you trust them, it will make planning an event much easier.

9. They can be there the day of the event

Most event planners will commit to being with you on the day of the event to coordinate activities. For complicated events (like weddings) it’s a big relief to know someone is watching the schedule and coordinating accordingly. All you have to do is trust them!

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