9 things to consider before hosting a wedding

You’re engaged! What an exciting time for you and your loved one. As you plan your wedding, reception, honeymoon, and beyond, here are a few things to consider before hosting a wedding.

What's the budget?

Money is a hard subject to talk about sometimes. Couples who’ve been together for years have a hard time discussing it at times, so if you feel like it’s a hard conversation, don’t worry, because it is.

Start by talking about the wedding and what budget would be appropriate. After a number is decided, talk about the rehearsal dinner, then talk about the honeymoon. What’s also important is talking about how much you want left over after the wedding day.

Talking money over with parents or future parents-in-law is a stressful thing too (if not more stressful). If they don’t initiate the conversation, bring it up and let them tell you if they want to help pay for the wedding.

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Wedding date

Deciding on a date to wed is a hard task. Maybe choose a slew of possible dates and scratch off dates that aren’t feasible or convenient. Remember to consider holidays and other surrounding events.

Where you'll have the ceremony

Where you’ll have the ceremony is a big factor when it comes to your wedding. Will it be outside? A modern venue? In a barn? A destination wedding? These are definitely things to talk about before you select a venue.

wedding venue

Where you'll have the reception

Most wedding venues have a place for a reception, but if you’re marrying in a small church, there may not be a place for a large reception. Consider the area for a reception as you plan the ceremony location.

The entertainment

This is something to think about later down the road, but still important. Consider if you’ll have music and other entertaining aspects. This plays into your budget and considers your guests, so plan accordingly.

The wedding bands

The wedding bands you use to marry will be rings you wear for a long time. Select ones you like at the proper size.

How many you want in your wedding party

The people closest to you — your family and friends — will be the ones in your wedding party. But how many? It’s customary to have the same amount of people on both sides, so agree on the number and ask them to be in your wedding!

How many guests you want to invite

The guest list can grow quickly, so decide beforehand how many you want to attend. not everyone you invite will come, so it’s customary to ask a few more than you want to attend. Beware, however, because you don’t want to go over your amount!

Do you hire a wedding planner?

Wedding planners have done this before and know what to expect. They’re poised to handle tense event moments. Having a planner makes things a lot easier and takes stress off you, but they can be expensive. Decide if it’s right for you two to have a wedding planner.

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