5 tips for a productive company retreat

Company retreats allow time for renewal and fresh ideas that increase productivity for your employees and company. When you tell your team about an upcoming corporate event, set the expectation of what’s to come. As you plan your company retreat, think about these tips for a productive time together.

1. Find a relaxing spot, consider nature

A relaxing spot for your company retreat allows you and your team to mesh and find a common ground. Nature is the best place for this to happen. If you’re not able to meet outside, then find a room with a relaxing atmosphere. Earth tones like browns, greens, blues, and grays decrease stress. Sounds and smells also decrease stress. Think about defusing essential oils. Citrus, specifically lemon, increases brain activity.

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2. Bring in new ideas to build momentum

Hire an outside speaker to come to talk with your team to increase momentum. Momentum is the deciding principle for problem-solving. If your team has momentum, you’ll be able to solve any issue that arises.

3. Pinpoint areas to improve the company

If the purpose of the meeting is to improve the company, make it a priority to listen to ideas. Is the competition winning? Is the company losing revenue? Does the company need to introduce a new product? This is the time to talk about it.

4. Find ways to increase productivity

Productivity is also efficiency. Making things better, faster, easier is a goal for most companies. Here are a few ways to increase productivity:

  • Take control of your day. You’re the one in charge so take control of your day by scheduling out your tasks.
  • Follow the “two-minute rule.” If a task can be done in less than two minutes, do it.
  • Give yourself less time than you think you’ll need — then beat the clock!
  • Stop multitasking. Practice focused work and don’t look at email or other distractions.
  • Pause notifications. Mute the “dings” and notification icon.
  • There’s no thing as “perfection.” Give your task the effort it deserves, but don’t stress thinking it needs to be perfect.
  • Drink water and have healthy snacks. Your brain is part of your body and needs sustenance and nutrition to work properly.
  • Move more and exercise. Moving the blood increases oxygen to the brain, which increases thought output.

Talk with your team about other ways to make things more efficient.

5. Allow time to hear from your employees

Allow your team time to talk about what they want to change in the company. There may be one simple thing that could massively increase productivity among your team and you just didn’t know.

If employees have a hard time talking about it openly, consider applying an anonymous way for them to voice their grievances.

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