The dos and don’ts of hosting a corporate retreat

Planning a large event can be stressful without proper planning and support. When you think about having a productive corporate event or a one-day business outing and need some unique ideas, consider these dos and don’ts for planning a corporate retreat.

DO make it fun

Making it a fun trip is especially important if it’s done over the weekend. Make it worth your employee’s time. Even if the day-away is on a weekday, making it fun is important as well.

Wasy to make it fun:

  • Do outdoor activities
  • Compete for a prize
  • Team tournaments
  • Get the adrenaline pumping

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DO have clear objectives

What’s the reason you need a company retreat? Make it clear to your employees. They should know why you want to have a day away from the office. Knowing what the day is reserved for will orient their minds and prepare them for the advancement of new ideas and motivation.

DO allow for new ideas

New ideas are much more receptive when employees are relaxed and out of their normal work routines. Invite a speaker to motivate your team or divide into groups to brainstorm. Listening to new ideas and discussing how to implement those ideas will help the content stick.

DO encourage collaboration

Retreats are made for collaboration and teamwork. Encourage your team to talk about new ideas by creating a relaxing environment for your employees to discuss new ideas.

Foster teamwork by facilitating games or tournaments. Give your team a prize to work towards. It could be a silly trophy tradition that’s given every year or a genuine prize that your employees would benefit from.

work trip

DON'T expect everything to go perfectly

Like with any event, there may be a few hiccups. Be okay with these as it can add a positive light to you as a leader. In addition, know that not all employees get along perfectly and some may harbor animosity or frustration against another.

DON'T forget to talk about business

Corporate retreats should be fun but also business-oriented. Carve out time for the team to talk about business. The conversations don’t have to be long, but it does have to be focused. Write out questions or statements that you want to be shared with the team.

DON'T stifle creativity

Company retreats are a great place for creativity to flow. If you stop the free-flow of ideas, then other employees may not want to talk. Encourage momentum and let good ideas flow.

DON'T provide too much alcohol

A few drinks are okay, but use your best judgment as to how much should be served. Serving employees too much alcohol may not be in the best interest of the company. And if you do serve alcohol, ensure employees have free transportation.

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